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There are moments in life when you lose yourself in the rush of emotions. Let's head to top spiritual destinations and experience one of those moments as your eyes fall on the golden dome of holy shrines that have housed significant religious figures who are called by hundreds of people whispering all around their shrines. The atmosphere fills everyone with wonder who visit these places.

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Ar-Rahman Tours

Best Ziyarat and Umrah Packages from Mumbai, India

Ar-Rahman Tours offers the best Islamic pilgrimage tour packages to holy places from Mumbai, India. We are specialized package provider for muslim holy lands such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Karbala, Najaf, Baghdad, Mashad, Qum, Shiraz etc

Muslim Holy Land Tours

Only Iraq Tour

12 Days
Price : Rs 92,110
Tour Start On : March 15-2022

Vist: Karbala, Najaf Read More

Karbala in Iraq

Iran & Iraq Tour

22 Days
Price : Rs 1,22,110
Tour Start On : March 15 - 2022

Visit : Karbala, Najaf, Mashad, Read More

Thailand Tours

Only Iran Tour

11 Days
Price : Rs 10,110
Tour Start On : March 08 - 2022

Qum, Mashad, Shiraz Read More

Note : Cost of Iran and Iraq Vaccination is included in our package.

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About Us

Ar-Rahman Tours is founded by (Maulana) Syed Ata Haider Rizvi Sahab, a prominent religious leader and a volunteer for past Twenty Years, who has been actively engaged in organising Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat Groups with core focus of serving community. The task force of the team is geared to offer the best of services to muslim holy lands and islamic historical places to our cherished guests with the aim of making their holidays memorable. Ar-Rahman Tours is a Shia Muslim travel agency which is highly charged up team of skilled and dedicated professionals work for the company since the year 2010. The task force of our team is to offer the best of services to our beloved guests with the aim of making their holiday a memorable and ethereal experience. Our association extends to provide you with a rejuvenating stay in the picturesque locations of Religious tours to the historical and holy places of islam with an affordable tour packages to Karbala, Iraq, Iran, Makkah, Madina and Syria.

A very important element of all our Group plans is to bring in respectable and knowledgeable Ulema and Noha Khowans who posses selfless devotion to serve and guide the community. We strive to plan pilgrimage travel in such a manner which are comfortable, easy for every age group and at the same time rich in spiritual content and guidance.

You can contact us any time and our team professionals assist you to grab the best Islamic pilgrimage package which suits for your budget. Being sincere in promoting Ziyarat, Hajj, Umrah packages and Muslim holy land tours to the historical and holy places of Islam from Mumbai, India and the travelers from every part of the world. Credited with good service label, Ar-Rahman leads the tourism industry, thankful to the promoters like you (Travelers), laying a platform to enjoy a hassle-free holidays to islamic historical places and 3 holy mosques.

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